Benjamin Carr

Software Engineer / App Dev Consultant

Benjamin Carr is a Red Hat Consultant in the North America Public Sector (NAPS) focused on utilizing open-source technologies to solve strategic technology and business challenges. Mr. Carr is experienced in working within the customers culture and expectations to deliver high quality projects on time. Mr Carr is adept at Red Hat technologies, software engineering, requirement development, requirement based testing and CI/CD pipelines that help streamline the process for engineers.

As a Red Hat Consultant, Mr. Carr is skilled in DevOps and also has experience in app development and pipeline development for automation. He is also familiar with converting waterfall development practices into more efficient and maintainable agile deliverable methodes.

Mr. Carr has demonstrated throughout his career an ability to bring a room together in a project with clear communication and approaching problems with confidence. He has not only helped companies tackle large, complex problems, but also taught coworkers how to identify and work through future problems.

Software Engineer

Mr. Carr was a Software Engineer for Perfromance Software on contract to Boeing AvionX. Durring his time at Boeing